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  • web-based
  • platform independent
  • interactive
  • intuitive
  • open source
  • non-sequential


  • spot diagram
  • transverse aberration diagram
  • spherical lenses
  • ideal lenses
  • mirrors
  • stops
  • basic ZEMAX import

Project details

  • Idea & Project Management: Michael Wick
  • One starting point of the development was the simulator developed by Yi-Ting Tu (University of Maryland), from which parts of the basic structure were used in OPTICO
  • Johannes Aurnhammer (mplementation of the three-dimensional optics simulation) is part of the permanent project team
  • Former student assistants: Christoph Schmelzer
  • Another related project is The Secret Life of Photons by Benedik Bitterli
  • OPTICO is a project of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Applied Sciences Coburg
  • OPTICO was supported by the Innovation Fund of the University of Applied Sciences Coburg
  • Contact us: Michael Wick